Fabric Sample

Choose from one of the fabric samples listed or a sample from any of the listed designers on the ........ page

Send us an email with details of the fabrics you’d like.  If you don’t know exactly which fabric you want  tell us your requirements and we can send a selection to you. 

It’s helpful to know the colour, type of fabric e.g. printed, wool, linen, textured etc. and what you are wanting to use it for eg. cushions, upholstery, lampshades  Etc.

Abraham Moon https://www.moons.co.uk

Art of the Loom http://www.artoftheloom.co.uk

Charlotte Gaisford https://www.charlottegaisford.co.uk

Clarke and Clarke https://clarke-clarke.com

Emily Bond https://www.emilybond.co.uk

James Hare http://james-hare.com

Ian Mankin https://www.ianmankin.co.uk

Ian Sanderson https://www.iansanderson.co.uk

Inchyra https://www.inchyradesigns.co.uk

Linwood https://www.linwoodfabric.com

Sarah Hardaker http://www.sarahhardaker.co.uk

The Stripes Company https://www.thestripescompany.com

Troynorth (Trimmings)  https://troynorth.com

Wemyss https://www.wemyssfabrics.com

Zoe Glencross https://www.zoeglencross.com

“Just had some bespoke lampshades, and they are beautiful, thank you Emma”

Liz Foulds, Facebook